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Tyson Tan
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
People's Republic of China
The guy who have been drawing cute cyber creatures since 2000.
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The Light by TysonTan
The Light
First attempt of drawing backlight composition. Dragon girl playing electric pipa. Gift for Airlemi .
A Song Under the Pale Moonlight by TysonTan
A Song Under the Pale Moonlight
Featuring :icontigerboy29: Toby Spearmint the android fox, with my redesign on the character.
Latias by TysonTan
Today's anatomy practice. Latias the lifesaver and beach vigilante. She is SUPER STRONG! :D
The Magic Stylus by TysonTan
The Magic Stylus
Cover art I did for Scott Petrovic's tutorial book "Digital Painting with KRITA 2.9".
Now on Amazon as the #1 New Release in Design & Graphics category:…
Profit of this book will help the development of Krita. Thank you very much for the support!

In case you don’t know, Krita is a free and open source digital painting app that I have been using as the primary tool for years.

Krita Painting App on Steam!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 11, 2014, 7:10 AM

Krita is the only digital painting tool I'm using. It is a free (as in freedom), open source software. It offers a sophisticated brush system, packs in almost everything that a digital painter needs and is very easy to use.


Krita is now available for Windows and GNU/Linux on PC, and the develop team is trying to get Greenlight on Steam as well. Please help them (and thus helps everyone): visit Krita on Steam


Krita's page has detailed introduction of what it is capable of. I would like to cover a few things that I really like about Krita here as well:


  • Krita's brush system is fast and smooth. It is optimized for graphics tablets with pressure support.
  • Ruler tool assistance when drawing long curves (something comparable to SAI).
  • It doesn't draw jigsaws when zoomed out (my nightmare when using Adobe Photoshop).


Krita has a friendly, highly customizable user interface. The basic operations when using a brush tool are:

  • Shift + drag = Change brush size
  • Ctrl = temporary color picker
  • Middle button + hover movement = Move canvas
  • Ctrl + Middle button + hover movement up / down = Zoom canvas
  • Shift + Middle button + hover movement around = Rotate canvas

Simply right click and you can access:

  • Color wheel
  • Recently used colors
  • Favorite tool presents


  • Supports layer with many mixing method.
  • Supports layer group.
  • Supports layer mask.


High quality resize with Lanczos3 filter. It doesn't produce inferior shrinking result like Adobe Photoshop does sometimes.

GPU Acceleration:

  • GPU accelerated fast & high quality canvas rotation and zooming.
  • Realtime mirrored view mode.
  • Color management support.


Krita is free (libre) and open source software. Its source codes are publicly available. You can study, modify, and distribute Krita without restriction. You can learn more about Free Software Movement.


And yes, I designed Krita's mascot, Kiki the Cyber Squirrel. I've also designed Krita's box art, banner art and projet avatar on Steam. Krita's next major release, Krita 2.8, scheduled on late February, will have my picture as its startup splash as well! I'm very happy to see my work becomes useful to the project!

Some pictures I did for Krita are also on DA:
Kiki's Creative Flow by TysonTan Kiki the Cyber Squirrel by TysonTan Peace!! by TysonTan The Krita Mascot by TysonTan


:icondeevad: David has made many tutorials and resources for Krita, available on his website. If you are new to Krita, make sure to visit his place for some useful tips and brushes! Visit David's website

  • Reading: Textbooks


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x-Sparks-x Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Your artwork and style is magnificent, that'll be a watch from me. ^  ^
Storrifate Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Oooooh you drew the adorable squirrel  that was on the krita homepage . I love krita there were  one or two bugs but  they were fixed with the update . 
Metadragon999 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello Tyson,

I really like your cute characters and awesome artworks. I have a weakness for cute characters, especially dragons with cute faces ^^

Can I ask you something? Do you do commissions?
chinook22 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 4, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I wanna say thank you for inspiring me to use Krita. I have been using for a few months and I'm quite impressed with its functionality so thank you. Also, your art is pretty cool. :) (Smile) 
Althyra-Nex Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Tyson, let me just say your art is amazing, your characters are so lovable, and Krita looks like a really cool program, even though Photoshop is my preferred canvas because I've used it the most out of any program.  I might give Krita a try sometime!

And I've wanted to ask about trades or requests, do you do those?  If not, it's alright, it'll just be amazing to see your art in my inbox. 
ask-berd Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2015
Tyson, you so kawaii
tiger189a Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2015
You need Something New ...░░░░░░░░░
To Spam People's..............░▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░
Profiles With?...................░░░░▒▒▒▒░░░▒▒░
Why Not Zoidberg?.........░█░█░▒▒▒░█░█░▒░
..░▒░...................░..... .░▒░░▒░░▒░░▒▒▒▒░
FoxyAntho Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
It's nice to support libre software ;) Moreover your style is so so great ! :D
nickdog1012 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2015  Student Filmographer
You draw Robots so good! I Wan't u to draw my character so bad now XD
Ziricorn Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Krita is the best! Thanks for all you do!
j-rocky Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Hi Tyson, i'm curious about your statement on this deviation "Ubuntu is not completely free as in freedom" what that means? i think i can learn something from it
TysonTan Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Ubuntu (and most GNU/Linux/BSD distributions) comes with non-free components, in the form of (not limited to):

1) Corporation supplied binary blobs/firmwares in Linux kernel with no source code available to the community, you will need those to enable most wireless network interface (except for Atheros) and graphics (except for intel);
2) Software packages with non-free, or dodgy, restrictive license that not compatible with GPL, most notably Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and a lot of corporation owned codecs;
3) Packages that violates DFSG. For example, the source code itself is 100% free, but it requires software outside of the official software repository to compile its binary code or to function properly. Those dependencies, in some cases, are outright proprietary software; in some other cases, are free software built on platforms that comes with dodgy licenses.
4) Outright promotion of proprietary software, for example, auto-installer for Adobe Flash Player.

A truly free OS like Trisquel GNU/Linux provides none of those. But freedom comes with a price -- it severely limits your choice on hardware and software solutions.
JovianJ Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2015
I just found your work, drawn to your site by the CLEP Team 2 image. After looking through your gallery I found your work is gorgeous. Great designs, particularly your rabbits and robots with beautiful use of colors all around. I certainly hope you do not mind a watch to see more of your great work!
Gaboris Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015
Sorry for being late, but still Happy Birthday from Hungary!
Keep up the great work. :)
tehwatcher Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
Happy birthday
TysonTan Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
FlyingRam Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
Happy Birthday! :dance:
TysonTan Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
jamesgunner123 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
...a very happy birthday to you sir....=3
TysonTan Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
SecretBetweenTheWar Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015   Artist
happy birthday
TysonTan Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
SecretBetweenTheWar Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2015   Artist
your welcome ^^
Night-the-PantherCat Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015  Student General Artist
Happy Birthday! birthday cake 
TysonTan Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
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