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December 23, 2010
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Oswald in Kingdom Hearts by TysonTan Oswald in Kingdom Hearts by TysonTan

EDIT: 01/17/2011, Detail overhaul and wallpaper version for download.
EDIT: 03/09/2012, Description re-composition, changing license to CC BY-NC 3.0.

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit [link] , Kingdom Hearts © 2010 Disney, Square-Enix.
Original character designed by Walt Disney.
Fan Kingdom Hearts costume designed and artwork by Extvia.

Who's Oswald?
Unless being a zealous classical cartoon fan, you may not recognize Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who is wielding a pair of distinctive Keyblades in this picure. Neither did I before the game “Epic Mickey”. Speak of Mickey Mouse, however, few people on earth would fail to recognize the timeless superstar created by Mr. Walt Disney. Despite their differed destinies , Oswald and Mickey are actually “brothers by blood”, for the fact that Mr.Disney created Mickey after losing his copyright on Oswald to Universal. The separation and recreation coincidentally resembles Dr. Tenma and Toby's story from Mr. Osamu Tezuka's “Astro Boy”. Unlike the doctor who accomplished reunion with his lost child in the movie, however, Old Disney couldn't live so long to welcome Oswald's returning to Disney Inc. in 2006, creating even more sentimental resonance.

The Game “Epic Mickey”
Oswald's revival performance took place in Epic Mickey on Wii [link] as a role-playing & platforming game. Lured by its promising in-game liberty, I pick up the dusty wiimote to enjoy a cartoon-ish “Fallout 3” without much expectation on its story writing. To my surprise, however, the darkness and depth in the setting and story turned out to be wonderfully written and ingeniously directed, which gradually grabbed my heart, led it into the magical adventure of Mickey and his reunion with his lost brother. Combined with the solid gaming experience, Epic Mickey successfully earned my favor and firmly branded Oswald's character into my memory.

Oswald's Kingdom Hearts Costume
Resembling Roxas to Sora, Oswald would made a perfect appearance in Kingdom Hearts world as the Nobody of King Mickey, while proclaiming himself "the King of Wasteland", either as a friend or a foe. Driving by my sudden inspiration, I designed Oswald's would-be be Kingdom Hearts costume as a dual keyblades wielder, with his primary Keyblade (with The King of Wasteland Chain) in his left hand and the secondary Keybalde (with Epic Mickey Chain) in another which projects paint and thinner that creates or erases objects from the world, just as Mickey did in Epic Mickey. Hope you enjoy my share of love to Oswald!
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This is a thoroughly satisfying and detailed piece, all the way from the wrinkles and creases in Lucky's new wardrobe to the 'rabbit' patches and designs that recur throughout his ensemble. It is a really unique concept that matches the sora/Roxas duality of the Kingdom Hearts story. Vision received four stars because of the lovely contrast between the subject and his background, though I do think that having something in the back may have added a bit more to this picture. The originality received a perfect five, simply because this is definitely an under-appreciated character that the author of this Critique has a soft spot for.

The technique needs a paragraph all its own. The style the artist utilized really captured the essence of Kingdom Heart's own style, using nice crisp, fine lines and soft colors. In a lot of the concept and cover arts, you'll notice they don't use black, but grey. Browns are dull and yellows are very mellow. I think that idea is what really made the blues 'pop' and the weapons stand out so much. His outfit is definitely fitting to the genre, and the artist was able to get creative without the design seeming 'overused'.

The impact was actually made quite a bit in the explanation of the picture and I wasn't planning on playing 'Epic Mickey', but am definitely going to give it a try the next time my budget gives me a chance!
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[Note: First critique]

The color choices are quite lovely, and I easily recognize aspects from both Epic Mickey and Kingdom Hearts. This character could easily fit into the Kingdom Hearts world. The details are very well placed and used, I did not miss the small logos and bunny tail that even Disney seemed to fail to give Oswald properly. I can recognize the basics of Sora's Clothing in the zipper and straps along his pants. The bunny head-like key in his right hand is a nice touch and the blue flames seem more like the blue paint in Epic Mickey the more I look over this piece. The only problem i can see is minor, and it is the shading on his clothing. It is evident when you look closely, but as I first looked it over, I could mainly only see the main tone and the highlights.

I very much respect you in the fact that you are the first I have seen to complete such a wonderful rendition of this character, and I can't quite understand why I never wondered if they were going to put Oswald into Kingdom Hearts.

Over all I would say this is a very professional piece and I hope this critique was of help to you.
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